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Tayler the play ambassador

Tayler the play ambassador

First off, let me first tell you that I am now a PLAY AMBASSADOR! Wow, what a cool title. 

Before I begin, I want to quickly thank my friends who nominated me for this and thank you the Toy Association for this opportunity. I wouldn't have this title if it weren't for my journey with McWhiggins and my great upbringing by being encouraged to never GROW UP! *Insert wink emoji*

What does it mean to be involved in the play ambassador program?
-- The Ambassador program supports all companies in the toy industry by building awareness of play as a critical part of child development and driving affinity and purchase intent for toys as the essential tools of play! 

Here's why I chose to be a play ambassador:

I want to play an active role in helping our society raise healthier, happier kids through the power of play. I want to build my personal brand in my company and the industry as an advocate for play and children. I want to expand my professional presence and network on LinkedIn and other social media channels as a thought leader and I want to share my passion for play and make a difference in the lives of others!

What I will be doing as a play ambassador:

As a play ambassador I will be sharing posts from The Genius of Play’s social media platforms and I will be creating my own content to share and I will be a connection between The Genius of Play and my professional network and a spokesperson for The Genius of Play in my company and life! 

Thanks for reading this quick post! I look forward to sharing more with you about the Genius of Play and the Play Ambassador Program. In the meantime,. . . GO PLAY! <3

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