Think-ets Trinket Games

Type: Game
  • ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: Think-ets are small, unique treasures that allow your little ones to explore their imaginations in new and exciting ways Bring them with you for a quick game during the day
  • STORYTELLING: Combining both physical interaction and imagination, Think-ets make it possible for children to create endless stories utilizing the creative trinkets included
  • RESTAURANT DISTRACTION: Think-ets are a perfect way to keep your kids entertained and your phone in your pocket when it's time for peace and quiet, such as waiting at a restaurant
  • TEST YOUR MEMORY: Not only do Think-ets work perfectly for storytelling, but they also are great for memory building Stretch their skills with a challenging memory game using these fun trinkets
  • ON THE GO: The Holiday set includes 15 miniature trinkets in a compact red or green mesh pouch Take them to a restaurant, in the car, at the park, or to your favorite campsite