Steiff Tweety EAN 354670

Type: Steiff

Director Isadore 'Fritz' Freleng was preparing a cartoon featuring Sylvester the cat with a woodpecker whom Freleng had used in a previous short when he decided instead to use a little yellow bird, rather than the woodpecker. This resulted in the short film 'Tweetie Pie' which went on to win an Academy Award. Once again an Oscar was won for 'Birds Anonymous' in which Sylvester (unsuccessfully) tries to give up chasing birds altogether and joins a support group of cats with the same affliction. Tweety and Sylvester became an enduring hit comedy team.

'I tawt I taw a puddy tat... I DID! I DID!' Tweety the canary doesn't just have problems pronouncing his S's and TH's. He also has a healthy lack of respect for his nemesis, the large and constantly hungry tom cat, Sylvester. Although Steiff's cute yellow friend enjoys swinging peacefully to and from in his cage, he ventures out every now and then to provoke his feline foe in any way he can. Tweety's innocent view of the world makes the contradictory force of his actions hilarious. Neither malicious nor hostile, Tweety dispatches his predators with startling speed an a wallop that surprises and delights audiences. If things get too hairy, Granny comes to the little bird's rescue with a frying pan.. or Sylvester ends up behind bars. As Tweety might say: 'Poor puddy tat!'

Tweety is a wonderful addition to Steiff's line up of exceptional licensed creations. He's a petite size of 15 cm. / 6 inches and although he's made of mohair, he looks just like the original cartoons! Steiff has captured his expression perfectly with Tweety's big embroidered eyes. He wears the iconic gold Steiff 'button' on one of his wings. Tweety Bird EAN 354670 is a 2017 Steiff Worldwide white tag edition limited to 1500 pieces. Sure to be a fun piece to add to your collection! Although this is a collectors item, it is suitable for ages 14 years and up. Please Note: Sylvester is sold separately.