Steiff Limited Edition Cottontail Bunny - The Steiff Easter Bunny 683060

Type: Steiff

Crafted with the utmost expertise and attention to detail, each Cottontail Bunny is carefully stitched by hand, using time-tested techniques perfected by Steiff artisans over more than a century. The bunny’s incredibly fluffy fur in a warm honey color with white accents is from the silky coat of the Angora goat. He has sparkling eyes, a hand-sewn nose and mouth, soft floppy pink ears and of absolutely perfect fluffy cottontail!

Adding to this bunny’s heartwarming appeal is the Easter treasure he gently holds in his paws — a green felt Easter egg adorned with a hand embroidered baby chick and spring flowers. Topped with a fancy pink ribbon, this is one Easter egg that simply can’t be left in the garden! That’s why Cottontail Bunny is delivering it straight to you.