Breyer Snowman

Type: Breyer

Breyer. Snowman. A big gray horse with an even bigger heart, snowman rose from obscurity to become one of show jumping’s most beloved heroes. Is rags to riches story began in 1956, when Harry De Leyer, A long island riding instructor, went shopping for a potential school horses in Pennsylvania. Arriving too late for the auction, he spotted rejects being loaded onto a van down for the slaughterhouse. The Bonnie, beat up and filthy, one plowhorse showed enough spark to catch his eye. De Leyer made an offer, and for $80, the seven-year-old gelding was his. “The peoples whores” made appearances abroad, became a television celebrity, and was the subject of several books. Even In retirement, snowman remained a popular attraction at De Leyers Farm, where he died in 1974. 18 years later he was inducted into the show jumping’s Hall of Fame