Steiff Platinum Paper Teddy Bear EAN 006999

Type: Steiff

This wonderfully magical bear has been made in celebration of those premier paper bears that first appeared 100 years ago in 1919, when there were fabric shortages of mohair and wool, due to the war. We introduce to you, the Platinum Paper Teddy Bear.

Platinum is 30cm/11.8" tall and fully jointed. He has been expertly crafted, using the talents and techniques from yesteryear to create his magnificent platinum grey, woven paper coat. His gleaming silvery paws have been sewn from a pineapple fibre woven fabric, whilst his endearingly expressive black eyes are wood, keeping everything natural. His smart nose has been hand stitched, whilst his 'button' in the ear is stainless steel, as is, his specially designed chest pendant. An absolute must!

This magnificent piece of Teddy Bear History, is a Worldwide Limited Edition of only 919 bears