Steiff Flora and Florinchen EAN 021411

Type: Steiff

Welcome playmates Flora and Florinchen, a captivating duo they do make, lovingly bought to you by Steiff.

Flora is 36cm tall and fully jointed. She has been sewn from a luxurious, cafe au lait mohair with matching hued, short pile mohair paws, glistening, large round safety eyes and a kissable, upside down pentagon nose in deepest violet-navy.

Florinchen is 23cm tall and fully jointed. She has been sewn from a sparse, long pile, blonde mohair, with a dense, short pile mohair for her muzzle and wool felt paws. She has twinkling, safety eyes, with a matching hand stitched black nose and mouth. Delicate hand shading, brings character and charm, to her inviting face.

Both girls wear their springtime picked blooms with pride. Flora wears her violet and rose pink flowers as a delicate lace necklace, whilst Florinchen prefers a single bloom. Their differences don't matter, they are friends and companions for life!

This delightful twosome are a Worldwide Limited Edition of just 750 pieces. They will come to you boxed, with their matching numbered, certificate of authenticity.