Steiff Berry EAN 682650

Type: Steiff

Steiff collectors truly adore bears adorned with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Years after its inception, this enduring North American series is as popular as ever. For 2013-2014, we proudly present Berry, our latest addition to the set. Berry is sewn from finest snow white alpaca and features bright white paw pads. Around her neck, she wears a faceted ruby red necklace made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS which is accented with tiny glittering stars. But what really sets Berry apart is her deep red Xillion crystal studded in her ear -- it's the first time a coloured stone has been used as the "Button in Ear" in the entire series! You'll want to be sure this historic first is a part of your collection of Steiff Teddy bears with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.