Madame Alexander 75150 Icy Elegance


Icy Elegance Light Skin Tone 75150 by Madame Alexander 8 inch Wendy is as elegant as a delicate snowflake that waltzes thru the air. Wendy is made of vinyl with a light skin tone. She is fully-articulated for fun play with jointing at her neck, shoulders, elbows, waist, hips, and knees. Her rosy cheeks and blue eyes are framed by a short blonde wig styled up in tight curls. She wears a lovely gown inspired by the wintery mix of ice and snowflakes. A ice blue tulle skirt peeks out from an asymmetrical white bodice of embroidery. White stockings and ice blue mary jane shoes complete her frosty look. Icy Elegance Light Skin Tone 75150 is part of Madame Alexander's Seasonal Collection. Suitable for ages 14 and up. Size Height : 8 inches Materials Vinyl Hair Synthetic Wig Features Airbrushed Accents Jointing Number of Joints : 10 Age Appropriate 14 and up