Adora 16” Nursery Time Baby Doll - Dark Skin

Type: Baby Doll

Adora Nursery Time™ babies are lovingly swaddled in an adorable jersey one piece new born outfit and tucked gently inside a cushiony soft baby doll carrie. At just 2 pounds 7 ounces they are perfect for nurturing. You will adore the life-like features from their little buttons noses . . . to their tiny little hands and feet.


Each handmade doll is created in our exclusive, lightly baby powder scented, Gentle Touch™ vinyl. They are perfect for cuddling with their soft doeskin body and bean bag weighted bottom which gives them their life-like feel.


7 Piece Set Includes: • 16" Baby Powder Scented Gentle Touch™ Vinyl Baby Doll • Baby Carrier • Fleece Blanket • Infant Sleeper Gown • Hat • Diaper • Birth Announcement Features: • Adora dolls are Mom tested and child approved. • Lifelike hand painted details. • Babies can suck their thumb • Hand painted-sculpted hair • Baby powder scented vinyl