Yummy World Gourmet Snacks Vinyl Figures Blind Pack

Type: Collectibles

On the edge of Sprinkletree there exists an apartment building as tall as the eye can see. In it features residents old and new that are stacked up and ready to play with you. Yummy World food goes grand with the new Yummy World Gourmet Snacks Blind Box Vinyl Mini Series by Kidrobot.

Featuring your favorite go-to vending machine snacks, energy boosters and fruity tooty breath maker-better-ers, this new collectible high quality vinyl figure series is ready to pack in some fun for your on the go food fantasy needs. Each of these awesome 3 inch tall vinyl figures comes mystery blind bagged and blind boxed for a fabulous foodie surprise with each unboxing!  This also preserves the rarity and collectibility of each of the figures.  Not even we know what is in each box!  Go on a snacking adventure today to collect all 16 Yummy World art toy figures and become a Yummy World snack aficionado!