Whitetail Deer Buck Figure

Type: Animal

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  • One of the most widely distributed mammals across the Americas, whitetail deer are among the few species aided by human activities. When large trees are cleared for agricultural expansion, for example, deciduous vegetation often starts to grow in, which is the whitetail’s favored habitat.
  • Scientific Name: Odocoileus virginianus
  • Characteristics: While female whitetail deer are generally timid, bucks can be very aggressive and territorial. Their antlers are a sure sign that you don’t want to get in their way! Painted by hand and professionally crafted, this figurine would make an excellent gift for a nature enthusiast, a model collector, or for someone looking for unique ways to decorate their home or office!
  • Size and Color: 7.25 inches long and 5.75 inches tall, this model is about as long as a 16 oz. water bottle on its side and as tall as a soda can. As their name suggests, whitetail bucks have a predominantly white tail and underside as well as brown hides and sand-colored antlers.