White Rhino Figure

Type: Animal

The largest species of rhinoceros in the world, the white rhinoceros, or rhino for short, is a large horned mammal endemic to the southern half of Africa. White rhinos are actually a dark gray, and many believe the name “white” actually comes from a mistaken translation.

  • Scientific Name: Ceratotherium simum
  • Characteristics: Capturing the burly body, dark gray skin, and famous pearlescent white horn, this professionally sculpted figurine is truly life-like. If you look closely at the tail and ears, you can see they have the same type of hair as humans!
  • Size and Color: Standing 12.5 inches long, 3.5 inches wide, and 5.6 inches tall, our rhino statuette is half an inch longer than a standard American rule, and a touch wider and taller than a soda can. As an herbivore, this cement colored compnaion will be happy regardless of where it's placed as long as there are plenty fresh greens around!