Steiff Silke Swan EAN 026744

Type: Steiff

Another new addition to Steiff's 'Vintage Memories' series is Silke Swan, inspired and created with a nod to nostalgia.

Silke is 12cm tall and non-jointed. She has been sewn from a luxurious white mohair with curly mohair wings with golden threads and a matching trivia velvet beak which has been lovingly colour shaded and painted adding to such an endearing face, with her glossy black eyes. Delicate lace frills with slim satin ribbon trim decorates her neck and behind, whilst her dainty 'golden' crown is firmly attached. Silke is also wonderfully weighty due to a filling of polyester and steel pellets.

This elegant swan even comes in her own, cylindrical 'Vintage Memories' lidded box.