Steiff Estate Winterbear EAN 654459

Type: Steiff

EAN #654459 14" Winter Teddy Bear 35 by Steiff(Winter Teddy Bear 35 , EAN: #6544459, designed and manufactured by Steiff and first offered in 1997 and retired in 2000. He was made in Germany and is part of the "Four Seasons Collection" in a limited edition of 5,000. He is 14" tall, fully jointed, and made from white curly German mohair. He has brown glass eyes, shaved extended muzzle, embroidered nose, stitched mouth, and stitched claws. He has cream colored felt paw pads, is firmly stuffed, and has a working growler in his belly.He comes dressed in his original red tartan plaid tam with red pom and matching neck scarf. He comes with his ear button, ear tag, and factory paper tag.