Steiff 1906 Replica Teddy Bear EAN 403224

Type: Steiff

This beguiling bear takes inspiration from a 1906 piece and has been made to look as though he is an attic discovery. Fabulous artistry rewards him with his worn through paws, exposing the stuffing from within, whilst gentle shading, lets you know that he was once loved and hugged alot. 1906 Replica has been gracioulsy, designed and created by Steiff.

1906 is 40cm tall and loosely, fully jointed. He has been sewn from a decadent, textured russet mohair and traditionally stuffed, with excelsior. He has glossy wooden eyes, with faux worn, wool felt paws and delightfully attractive, hand stitched features. If you give him a squeeze, his squeaker will let you know, to try harder. A period correct patinated steel, underscored button in the ear, with a period correct ear tag is confirmation of whom he professes to be. Just magical!

Continuing Richard Steiff's wonderous legacy, this Worldwide Limited Edition is one of only 906 pieces and will come to you boxed, with his numbered certificate of authenticity.