Playmobil Novelmore 70499 Starter Pack Novelmore

Type: Playmobil

Starter Packs - the perfect introduction to the PLAYMOBIL theme worlds! Support Arwynn in defending the tower against the Burnham Raiders. The enemy soldier must not be able to access the tower wall and capture the treasure. Includes other accessories. Combine with 70503 Starter Pack Starter Pack Novelmore Knights' Duel Building dimensions: 4.5 x 5.3 x 7.5 in (LxDxH)

Prince Arwynn is always on duty to protect Novelmore from the Burnham Raiders. Once again, a Burnham Raider attempts to conquer an outpost, but Prince Arwynn bravely stands in the way of the fiery enemy. He wants to prevent the rogue from capturing the precious treasure with all means. The battle begins! PLAYMOBIL Starter Packs are the ideal introduction to the big colorful PLAYMOBIL world. The sets consist of a building part, two figures and extras, are quickly assembled and ready to play. Due to age-appropriate accessories, Starter Packs are already suitable for children from three years on.
Figures: 1 Novelmore Knight, 1 Burnham Raider Accessories: 1 castle tower, 1 treasure chest, 1 flag, 2 shields, 1 long saber, 2 swords, 1 telescope, 1 flagpole, 1 club, 1 chalice, 1 firewood, 2 energy stones, 2 torches, 1 wall breakthrough, 1 crown, 1 helmet, 1 cape
Recommended for ages 3 and up.