Pickle Rick Funko POP!


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Some people hate the idea of sitting on a therapist's office couch. Among these "patients" are people who go to extremes to abandon their spot on it. Like Rick from Rick & Morty, he avoids anyone or thing that tries to get inside his head.

So, Rick uses his mega-genius to turn himself into a pickle. The problem is, no arms and legs. Pickle Rick puts himself into a pickle problem. That is, putting himself into a hopeless, bad situation with little chance of getting out of it in a sane way without the help of a syringe.


Rick's family is unimpressed with his new state of pickleness and go to meet with their therapist without him. He is just a pickle whose chance at mobility depends on the actions of a cat. In this Pop! 3.5" Figure (4.5" when on a base), Pickle Rick poses vinegar-pickled cucumber with the sour face before he makes appendages for himself from the body of a cockroach.