Moray Eel - Good Luck Minis

Type: Safari
  • Moray eels might look rather snake-like, but they’re actually fish – a widespread family of fish that includes over 200 species. Moray eels often live in crevices or alcoves on coral reefs, with just their heads sticking out. Despite their fearsome reputation, morays are actually quite shy and rarely attack unless provoked.
  • Scientific Name:  Family Muraenidae. The green moray is Gymnothorax funebris.
  • Characteristics: Each of these hand-painted Good Luck Minis® represents a moray eel swimming with its typical S-shaped, undulating movements. Unlike most fish, the moral eel has a single fin which outlines most of its body, combining the all of its fins into a single fine that includes the tail.
  • Size and Color: These moray eels measure 1.5 inches long and are a yellowish green with dark green accents to bring out detail. The eyes are black.