Make Clay Charms To Wear Craft


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Fashionistas beware; clay charms are irresistibly cute and addicting! This kit includes supplies for making dozens of super sweet clay charms, from adorable animals to favorite foods! Cupcakes and cookies or puppies and penguins—you can create it all! Making your own stylish bracelet is incredibly easy: first construct your darling designs, add a loop into each, bake, glaze and assemble your bracelet. Ta-dah! Your clay-constructing adventure includes nine bright clay colors, shaping tool, special shine glaze, attachment loops, display stand and a silver bracelet. Making clay charms sounds complicated, messy and hard—and maybe it was, until this book came along! The 60-page book offers step-by-step instructions with actual-size diagrams and illustrations to guide you through rolling, flattening and shaping your clay into delightful designs! The shaping tool allows you to make concise cuts and add professional looking details.

• Strengthens creativity, discipline, fine-motor, design and problem-solving skills
• Learn how to blend, layer and mold clay with this detailed 60-page book
• Clay is a strong expressive art medium ideal for enhancing development
• An affordable and fun way to customize your charm bracelet

Age Recommendation: Ages 8 and up