Hippo Plush

Type: Animal Plush

Have you been searching and searching for the perfect realistic hippo to add to your collection? Well look no further because Stuffed Safari has the Stuffed Hippo Living Earth Plush by Wild Republic right here! Living Earth is a highly detailed plush line that utilizes a new fabric printing method to achieve vibrant lifelike colors and designs on super soft fabric. Just one look at the stunning realism of this lifelike plush Hippo and you'll see exactly what I mean. Measuring approximately twenty inches, it is stuffed with only the highest quality materials. Needless to say, this realistic Hippo stuffed animal has quality you can both see and feel. Like all products by Wild Republic, the Stuffed Hippo Living Earth Plush by Wild Republic checks all the boxes when looking for a cuddly plush companion. Aesthetic? Check. Quality? Check. Affordable? Check. When your friends and family take a look at this lifelike Hippo plush animal they're going to have to take another look to make sure it's not the real deal. After that, they'll ask you where you got it so they can get one of their own. You'll be able to tell them you got it right here at Stuffed Safari, your source for stuffed animals. If you or someone you love is a stuffed animal collector or Hippo enthusiast, you can be sure this lifelike plush Hippo is right for you. And if a Hippo isn't right for you, check out the entire line of Living Earth Plush by Wild Republic. There's no bad time or occasion to make a gift of a realistic Hippo stuffed animal. So, what are you waiting for? Don't delay; act now and order one of your very own today!