Game of Throne Catan: Brotherhood of the Watch Boardgame



While many in the Seven Kingdoms are all concerned about who will claim the Iron Throne, the Brotherhood of the Black Watch is busy keeping their eyes on the ever-growing might of the Wildlings and their Giant buddies. Meanwhile, they're hardly dealing with a wealth of resources. To defend the realm beyond the wall, it is time to gather all they can!


Gather 3-4 folks to play a dramatic update to the award-winning game of Catan. In A Game of Thrones: Catan, you'll play through the game that you already know. You'll start with a couple settlements and road sections, roll dice to gather resources in territories you control, move Tormund the Robber to block and steal resources, and use your resources to build the largest road, greater settlements, and gather Development Cards in order to be the first to 10 Victory Points. However, you can add drama to the game by choosing one of the major characters of the series and using unique powers, such as Melisandre's ability to manipulate what cards you'll get or Jeor Marmont's ability to demand resources. Don't get too distracted by building, though, because the Wildlings are moving towards the wall to enter the lands of the Gift and sending Giants to kill your Brotherhood and take the whole wall down! If that happens, the best you can earn is a Tragic Victory, for we all know what happens when Winter comes. 


Play the game you think you know, but add the dramatic tension of the growing Wildling Invasion and the manipulative and iconic characters of Game of Thrones! Everyone knows: when you play the game of thrones, you win or die!