Fashion Plates Deluxe Design Set


Pencil in hand, YOU are the designer!

The fashion tablet and fashion plates make your job as an aspiring fashion designer easier and more fun. Select your look from among 15 double-sided plates. Mix and match until you achieve the perfect design.

Arrange plates in the tablet, place paper on top and close the tablet frame. Rub the colorless crayon over the image and voila, it's transferred.

Flip the plates for textured patterns on reverse side; add texture to the clothing. Color with the included colored pencils; add details and customize your project.

Pack it all up in the stylish carrying case - you're ready to travel!

Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit

  • Mix and match fashion drawing set
  • Inspire creativity and design
  • Mix and match fashion plates for hundreds of looks
  • Place paper over plates and rub to transfer
  • Plates have patterns on reverse side
  • Add details and color with colored pencils
  • Tablet keeps paper steady
  • Includes: 15 double-sided fashion plates, 20 sheets of paper, 8 colored pencils, rubbing crayon, crayon holder, drawing tablet, fashion case, idea guide
  • Fashion case organizes everything in style