Faber- Castell 15 Colored Eco Pencils ~ World Colors


Faber-Castell is celebrating equality and cultural diversity with our World Colors colored pencil sets! Rooted in Germany and represented in over 120 countries, Faber-Castell is a global brand striving to provide complete inclusivity to children and creatives of all ethnicities.
Incorporating six blendable skin tones with a traditional color pencil set, we are the first company to allow children the ability to accurately express themselves through art. Developed with makeup artists, the 6 colors can be blended to allow any child to draw their likeness.

Fun Fact: 48% of kids and young adults identify themselves as a person of color. It is estimated that by 2060, 63% of children under 18 will self-identify as a person of color. With diversity on the rise, there is an overwhelming need for proper representation in the art world and in the classroom.

Children can create with confidence in the classroom by drawing themselves, their friends and family with colors that capture every person's uniqueness!


Developed to celebrate diversity and self-expression. Skin tones developed by makeup artists. Includes 3 super soft and blendable duo tone pencils. Pencil wood made from certified sustainable forestry