Dare for the Truth: Outdoors

Type: Games

The world's first card game to come in a bottle. A fun mix of the classic 'truth-or-dare' And 'spin-the-bottle'. Spin the bottle to choose who will perform the truth or dare. Dare for the truth outdoors version is The Purple Cow attempt to 'tame the beast' Of the Wild classic game and make it safe, fun, and accessible to a broader range of audiences. What can be more suitable than playing this game near a bonfire outdoors? Bring family and friends together for an entertaining time. A great way to learn more about your family and friends maybe even more than you ever wanted to know. Do you dare? Take the entertainment on-the go. Perfectly sized, the dare for the truth card game comes in a travel-friendly container and conveniently fits into any bag or backpack. Includes 40 cards with outdoors-themed truths/dares and instructions in a bottle container. Recommended for ages 7 and up. Number of players: 3 or more. Play time: 20-60 minutes. The Purple Cow has created "truths" And "dares" Suitable for any occasion; check out the 3 versions of this enjoyable game and collect them all. 1. Dare for the truth family 2. Dare for the truth party 3. Dare for the truth outdoors.