Coyote Figure

Type: Animal

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  • Smaller, but strikingly similar to the gray wolf, coyotes are a canine that densely inhabit North and Central America. What coyotes lack in size and strength they make up for in adaptability, as they can survive in almost all types of environments – even urban ones!
  • Scientific Name: Canis latrans
  • Characteristics: Detailed to match one of the most common fur colorations of coyotes, this professionally sculpted figurine features the white belly, orange and black pelt, and bushy black-tipped tail that people think of when they imagine one of these elusive creatures. Its posture reflects its natural apprehension, as coyotes rarely engage creatures larger than themselves.
  • Size and Color: This figurine stands 3.75 inches tall and 6.5 inches long, making it a bit smaller than a mass market paperback book on its side. We know you'll want to display this beautifully hand painted model with its marigold orange and sandy black pelt, but make sure you give this shy canine a place to hide if it feels threatened!