Chives Charlie Bear Mouse

Type: Charlie Bear

No. 47 of 300


Limited Edition of 300

CHIVES is part of a cute trio of mice that have all been named after herbs..... so look out for the 2 others.... COMFREY and SWEET CICELY. 

This herb is one of the smallest and most delicate members of the onion family and you will be crying in delight if you are lucky enough to buy one of the Isabelle herbs!

Chives is made from short-pile, blue/grey mohair fur, which is quite sparse and show the yellow backing material, giving a greenish hue. Lighter fur has been used on his muzzle and on the ends of his yellow stitched paws. He has all of the typical mouse features such as a long, tapered muzzle, small pink hand-stitched nose and mouth, tickly whiskers, small dark eyes and a long tail.

He has penty of airbrushing to show that he has been scurrying around and a key is fastened to his bow.

Chives is a fully jointed bear from the Charlie Bears 2020 Isabelle Collection.

Designed by Isabelle Lee and co-designed by Charlotte Morris

Each bear comes in an embroidered Isabelle Collection canvas bag.