Breyer Seamus

Type: Breyer

Draft horses have been used for centuries for agricultural work, heavy hauling, and transportation. Today most of the heavy lifting is done with trucks and tractors, yet draft horses can still be seen in the show ring, pulling carriages, and being used for pleasure driving and riding. One of most eye-catching draft breeds is the Spotted Draft. 
Spotted Drafts have draft horse breeding and conformation paired with pinto coloring. Their coats can be any base color, and will display tobiano, overo, or tovero pinto patterns. These strong horses are known for having great temperaments and an eagerness to work. Standing on average 16-17hh, these colorful drafts have the tendency to stand out wherever they go! 
Seamus is a bay tobiano pinto Spotted Draft stallion. Decorated with green and gold flights in his mane, he is ready to hit the show ring or lead a parade!