Bilibo Mini in Pink/Orange

Type: Toy

A troop of tempting Bilibos - gathered for action.

It runs in the family. Just like big sibling Bilibo, five-inch Mini Bilibos are in cahoots with the imagination of kids.

There's only one thing that's as dazzling as the color of six Bilibo Minis - their amazing versatility. When there are no instructions, natural curiosity sets the course.

  • Beetles drive all around the floor.
  • Rocking boats sail on bubble-covered waters.
  • Sand spills from Bilibo’s eye sockets.
  • Caves cover hidden objects.
  • Drums tap out catchy rhythms.
  • Garages protect little matchbox cars.
  • Dolls sway in custom cradles.
  • Plastic animals rest on rocks.
  • Spherical creatures smile contentedly.
  • Snowballs are perfectly perfect.
  • Busy feet, hands, and heads hold Bilibos in balance.
  • Balls are lofted and caught, lofted and caught.
  • Spins look absolutely gorgeous.
  • Hills stretch upward to new heights.

    Filled with water, sand, snow, rice, dried beans - Bilibos mesmerize. Their curves, slick outer shells, and versatile interior spaces make them poster toys for indispensable fun.

    Someday, you’ll remember wistfully the endless play with these Bilibos.