7 Wonders Leaders Board Game EXPANSION

by ACD
Type: Game
  • THIS IS A 7 WONDERS BOARD GAME EXPANSION: You will need "7 Wonders" Base Game in order to play with this expansion. Note that this expansion is compatible with ALL other 7 Wonders expansions (New Edition).
  • STRATEGY GAME: You are a leader of one of the seven greatest cities of the Ancient World. Gather resources, develop commercial routes and affirm your military supremacy. Build your city and erect an architectural wonder which will transcend future times.
  • NEW EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE: In addition to two brand new Wonders, this expansion introduces a new type of card: Leader cards. Queens, astronomers, philosophers and generals bring an extra dimension of strategy to your games.
  • CONTEXT OF THIS EXPANSION: In the heart of your city, exceptional men and women inspire your people and bring your civilization to its golden age. Choose them carefully and they will bring you greatness. Neglect them and they will end up leading rival cities!
  • INCREASED REPLAYABILITY AND PLAYER ENGAGEMENT: 7 Wonders offers quick gameplays which keep players engaged regardless of player count. The game allows multiple strategy opportunities which makes each game thrilling from beggining to end. LOOKING FOR NEW ADVENTURES? Try our other Expansions New Editions (Note: All our Expansions (Cities, Leaders and Armada) require 7 Wonders Base Game to play).