10 inch Safety Glo Bug Net


10 inch Safety Glo Bug Net is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

High quality, made in the USA, this bug net is exceptional in quality and design.

With an eye out for safety, Tweber designed this net bright for a reason!

When chasing a insect, kids' eyes are glued on their target, not their surroundings. Vibrant neon coloring alerts cars, people, bicyclists to the location of your child.

Racing back and forth across the yard or park hunting for butterflies, burning energy, yelling happily, studying insects - yep, this quality net is a worthwhile investment.

Wide rust-proof 10 inch hoop ups the accuracy of actually capturing an insect. Long 17 inch wooden handle allows kids to reach higher and farther. Snag resistant conical shaped bag is up to the challenge of brush, bushes and trees.

Nature is a glorious discovery. Safety Glo Bug Net catches the beauty and brings it close.

10 inch Safety Glo Bug Net

  • Brightly color insect net
  • Encourage outdoor exploration, interest in insects
  • Neon conical shaped bag
  • 10 inch hoop diameter
  • Rust proof wire hoop
  • 17 inch wooden handle
  • Snag and tear resistant netting
  • Two colors - blazing orange, neon yellow
  • Color selection not available
  • Use in the water too!
  • Made in the USA